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Tattoo Art - Slip on
Introducing our custom hand-drawn Tattoo Art collection, featuring American traditional, Japanese traditional, and new school designs. Our talented artists will bring your shoes to life with intricate details and vibrant colors, inspired by the rich history and culture of tattoo art. Whether you're looking to adorn your Vans or Tattoo My Shoes brand shoes, our custom drawn designs will make a statement and showcase your individual style. Embrace the creativity and craftsmanship of tattoo art with our one-of-a-kind shoe designs, perfect for those who appreciate unique and personalized footwear. Step up your shoe game with our Tattoo Art collection and make a lasting impression with every step.

Tattoo Art - Slip on

  • Weather-resistant, breathable canvas with rubber soles.
    Spot clean only with mild soap.

  • All shoes are custom printed to specific sizes and specifications upon ordering. All sales are final.

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