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Your Style Your Way

Wear your Heart on Your Shoes

At Tattoo My Shoes, we take pride in providing a full scope of customization options that lets you create your shoes your way. We want you to be able to showcase who you are precisely the way you want. Deciding between high-top and low-top canvas shoes is the first step to your creative adventure. Tell us your vision, then sit back and relax while we transform your vision into a reality.


Wear your heart on your shoes!

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Your Shoes Your Way

Do you Want to Do it Yourself!!




Have you ever wanted to just do it yourself!

We are now offering shoes with "just the lines"

Take them and do what you want! 

As Always you can Have me make them the way you want! Just let me know


Customization for the Ultimate Individuality

Curious to learn more? Discover our brand to learn about our process, vision, and what drives us. Here you will see a plethora of creativity dreamed by many transformed into reality by us.

Get Inspired
Follow along with our artistic journey!


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