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How does it work?

ALL SHOES are Tattoo My Shoes Brand shoes unless you select otherwise


  1. If  you are not looking for anything specific Click the Shop all shoes button and Browse

  2. Browse the Gallery and watch videos​
  3. Did ​you find some shoes that you like on our site?

  • If they say ready to ship, click and order

  1. Do you know what you would like on your shoes?​

    1. Are you looking for a specific artist?​

      • Click their picture or name and ​select one of their designs

      • Select your size

      • Select Qty

      • Add to cart

      • View Cart and Check out

  2. Do you have art work you want on your shoes?​

    1. Do you want me to draw it?​

      • go to Custom Drawn shoes section​ below

    2. Do you have your own artwork or photos you want on shoes
      • Go to Custom Printed Options​



Select Ernie Moreno (ME), I make all the hand drawn shoes 

If you would like to speak to the artist first please feel free to use the chat feature and I will be with you as soon as I can (I usually respond within a few minutes when possible)

ALL SHOES are Tattoo My Shoes Brand shoes unless you select otherwise

  1. Select the style of art you would like to see on your shoes

    1. There are multiple styles to select from tattoo art to comic book fan art and everything in between. ​​

  2. Select your size

  3. Describe what you want on your shoes!!

    1. Please describe your idea in detail and I will ​draw based on your ideas

      • All tattoo my shoes brand shoes are digitally outlined and hand colored and embellished​

        • some designs may be repeated but this is very rare as I like to push my drawing skills​

      • Vans and Converse brand are 100% hand drawn and 100% original designs

    2. Prices start at $150 and go up based on style and brand of shoes​

  4. Select Qty

  5. Add to cart


ALL SHOES are Tattoo My Shoes Brand shoes


  1. Email Art or photos to

  2. I will send you digital examples of what your shoes will look like

  3. once the proofs are approved go to the "your art, your shoes" or "your photos, your shoes" Section of the website

    1. Select Size​

    2. Select Style (low tops or high tops)

      1. This will have been determined when examples were sent​

    3. in the "prior to order.." Section please let me know what photos we agreed to

    4. Select Quantity​

    5. Add to Cart

    6. Check Out

Reach out with your ideas

Let's talk about your ideas and what is possible to make you a perfect pair of shoes

Thanks for submitting!

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