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 Our Vision

Your Shoes Your Way
Wear Your Heart on Your Shoe

Your style is our creation. We want to make it easy to transform your vision into reality.


The Mission

I have always drawn. For as long as I can remember, I have had a pencil in my hand. I spent hours in school doodling in the margins of books and on any scrap of paper I could find. At the same time growing up in a Hispanic neighborhood, tattoos were everywhere. Most were black and grey single-needle tattoos, but once in a while, you would see American traditional tattoos show up that had color.


In the late 80s and early 90s, I discovered Tattoo magazines. Most were filled with biker and black and grey style tattoos that I had seen before, some good work but nothing that really inspired me. One day I picked up a magazine that had an article on Filip Leu. That was the first time I had really seen any Japanese-style tattooing.


I was hooked. The timeless styles and imagery were amazing to me. The full color and size of the tattoos really opened my eyes to what tattooing could be. I try to put 100% of who I am into these shoes as I always did when I was tattooing. The one thing I try to strive for is my last pair of shoes should always be my best pair.

Creative Process

I start off with a blank canvas, literally. The white, breathable canvas shoes are the perfect template. When I first started, I decided to draw on around 10 pairs of this type of shoe using my own style. They were a hit! After the first ten pairs, I decided to keep at it. The quality of the shoes is outstanding!


I have made shoes in every style imaginable. My style of choice is still Japanese, but I have done anything from realistic snakes and dog portraits to dragons, geisha, star wars, and comic book characters. The great thing about the shoes is people who like tattoos or art but are not willing to commit to a permanent design can get multiple pairs of shoes. The only limitation I have found is imagination.


I like to get an idea from the client and then put my style or touch into the design. I have gone so far as to replicate a tattoo that the client currently has onto a pair of shoes. The one thing I can do and really enjoy is making two pairs of interchangeable designs. This turns two pairs into four pairs depending on which two shoes you decide to wear at the same time. 

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